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This is an awful company. My original mortgage agency was bought out after 2 years of me paying on time every month and suddenly I was receiving letters from HSBC that they were my new mortgage agency, I didn't mind, until they jumped my mortgage payments and insurance up 200 or more dollars, and I had great credit, then after a couple more years of struggling barely making ends meet my... Read more

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Hsbc are a bunch of crude ripe off artist them try to take money out of you bank account then they will make it as hard as they can for you to make your payment I would not recommend hsbc to any one Add comment

Due to the lies and deceit and inability of HSBC to follow through with their agreement they did not pay property taxes. Our house we lived in for 30 years was sold at tax foreclosure sale and we were evicted by new owner!!! NO help from HSBC even though they said they did pay (lies) NOW they are sending foreclosure notices LOL guess what you don't own the house and neither do we. HSBC is... Read more

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Like to see more on HFBC Getting the gavial! As I was unjustified RIP-Off by HFBC though foreclosure. As I would call and never got answers on why mortgage that was so high (1,285) a mo. on a place that was appraised by Allegheny County Assessment ( 37,900) So I just walked away from a place that I inherited. It was so crazy as my health deteriorated every time I would deal with it! So I... Read more

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After giving me loan approval, HSBC then changed the conditions of the loan three months later when their processing department took too long to close the loan before the original rate lock expired. They were not only inefficient and disorganized, my loan officer was utterly unconcerned. I've purchased 8 homes in my life, both in the US and abroad, and have never been treated so... Read more

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Application to closing took 6 months. Original documents submitted became outdated due to Bank's procedures. Had to have new credit checks, re-appraisal of property, re-approval of co-op management questionnaire. Had to submit updated financial institutions account records for each of the last 4 application months (including those of their very own bank - HSBC!). Finally, after scores of... Read more

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I have just experienced the worst mortgage application in my life. Lied to and mislead through the whole process. I have been on the job for 25 years excellent credit and only wanted to borrow 50% of the house. the things they asked for were totally asinine. They have extremely unqualified staff and should not be in the mortgage business at all. After missing 3 closing dates I had to walk away... Read more

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I,m a retired truckdriver on a fixed income,and on 100% disability. Had five back surgery and both knees replaced,and I have begged hsbc to lower our payments so we could survive, but their reply was if we got behind for three payments. But if we do they woulds foreclose on us. Our payments are1300.00 a month. We have been with them since 2006 and only $1.27 goes toward principal and interest is... Read more

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i am so unhappy with this company and the tactics they use, twice they have made what should be a simple payment transaction a complete nightmare. why? to gain the company a few more dollars,being in your debt for thirty plus years ought to be enough,i have had this loan since 2005, never been late,never missed a payment, i should first say it was a predatory loan in the first place,initially it... Read more

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My husband and I purchased our current home from my Mother in July of 2007. My Mother has a long, long history of being financially irresponsible, so when she was on the *** of losing her home while my father was dying, we agreed to buy it from her, move in, and help take care of my father. With one agreement, that the home was only in my name and my husband's name. We did not want her on any... Read more

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